Patrick Kpikpi- Executive Director

ABOUT GHANA HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY PORTAL We offer wide range of services in the tourism sector in Ghana and general hospitality industry services including volunteering in Africa.

Vision: Our vision is to establish and maintain Ghanahospitality.com Portal as the most preferred reference point and entertaining platform on tourism and hospitality industry in Ghana.

Mission: Our mission is to provide the most useful and relevant information on the hospitality industry in Ghana in an easy and convenient manner and create opportunities for the tourism industry players to efficiently and effectively promote their businesses through the use of the internet.

The Ghana Hospitality Portal is documenting tourism attractions in Ghana and providing a comprehensive guide to tourism facilities and the hospitality industry products and services in the country. It comes with up-to-the minute information, news and relevant articles on tourism in Ghana and the developments in the global hospitality industry in general.

This unique online facility is dedicated to providing information on all aspects of the hospitality sector in Ghana; a singular platform comprising tourism resources, travel and tours services, leisure and entertainment, hotels, restaurants, shopping and many more. The website is a showcase of Ghana’s wonderful tourism attractions and a complete guide to access these facilities.

It offers detailed information on transportation to various sites, accommodation types available, where to eat and location of entertainment hot-spots; a complete travel and tour guide on Ghana in an easy and convenient manner.

The portal is the Ghana’s most detailed and authentic information and communication resource on the hospitality industry in Ghana. It offers rich information to international travelers visiting Ghana and the Ghanaian public interested in domestic tourism, expedition and research.

It is the first and only tourism guide and reference point on Ghana with all aspects of the sector on one platform; a one-stop-shop for all tourism and hospitality needs in Ghana. It is the most tourism focused, authoritative and effective tourism marketing and promotion facility in Ghana.

Ghana Hospitality Industry website is a facility focused on promoting the hospitality industry in Ghana. It is in one vein to provide information on the tourism sector in Ghana and another to enable hospitality industry players showcase their businesses more conveniently,efficiently, and cost effectively with high degree of impact.

The Ghana Hospitality Portal is managed by Media Systems & Technology, a topnotch online solutions provider in Ghana.
We also assist communities by providing them with online presence; a website that highlights the communities’ developmental projects and tourism attractions to enable them join the global tourism conversation.

Ghanahospitality.com is also a brand recognized for excellent tour operation and volunteering services in Ghana especially but also has tour links to the immediate West Africa environs such as Togo, Burkina-Faso and Cote-d’Voire. Find Tour Packages and volunteer programs in Ghana.