It is an exciting experience to volunteer in Ghana as testified by very many volunteers to Ghana. Even-though volunteering in Africa has been the desires of many, they say volunteering in Ghana in particular had been exceptional and served as a pleasant and an unforgettable experience; something they would love to do again and again if they had the time.

Volunteer in Ghana with Ghana Hospitality Ghana’s most friendly, affordable and reliable volunteer organization. We offer a wide range of volunteer projects in Ghana, including Teaching, Orphanages, Sports Education, Medical, and Construction. Our programs are flexible and allow for the interest of the volunteer in all areas of planning. Volunteers can also let us know which specific areas they wish to volunteer and we shall arrange it. We are certainly the most preferred place to volunteer in Africa. Volunteering in Africa has indeed changed the perception and world view of most Europeans, Americans and Asians alike for better with the rich experience with the African culture and association with other volunteers from other parts of the world.

Teaching: Teaching is available and highly appreciated especially in the basic schools; primary and junior high, however volunteers with special background in Science and mathematics, French and English Language will be welcome to teach in the Senior Schools. Volunteers can nonetheless let us know of their special interest and shall arrange for where they are fit especially in the field of ICTs.

Orphanage: This program provides opportunity for the vulnerable children most of whom have lost both parents or are from impoverish homes to benefit from your love and care. Your role at the orphanage is flexible and can shift from one to the other. The ages of kids are between 3 and 15 and open to learning. Teaching at the orphanage is one of the core activities but assisting the very young ones in diverse ways is welcome.

Media: We offer placement for media work with radio, television and newspaper. There are a number of Fm stations, community radio, spread across the country and there is always an opportunity to find one in a rural community. The TV stations and newspapers are mostly in the cities.

Rural and Community Development: You can join in the construction of various facilities for the rural communities such as schools, libraries, clinics and many more. It’s always fun working with the rural folk who are always eager to support you in every way possible. Palm-wine, the locally tapped wine from the palm tree is often served for free during communal work. You may give it a try with few sips only if you are not already used to it.

Human Rights activities: There are quite a number of human right advocacy groups and law firms who will be glad to have you share thoughts and embark on programs be it new or already existing if that is where your interest lies.

Health: There are a number of space in the health sector in Ghana especially in the rural communities even though there are high needs of health workers in the urban centres as well. We look forward to receiving your request and we shall arrangement to meet your time.

Vetenary: Vetenary services are very rare in Ghana but there is a high need for it. You presence will go a long way not only to fill the gap that exists but also to help build capacity for the field.

Sports: This program offers the volunteer the opportunity to share his or her skill and knowledge in physical fitness with youth mainly schools and clubs. You can also come in to assist sports tutors and coaches where they already exist.

Customized Volunteer Programs: We offer placement based on the needs and interest of the volunteer by finding a suitable placement that will match the interests of the volunteer as well as bring benefits to the hosts for the achievement of the goals of the volunteer. You will need to let us know your special interest prior to your arrival to ensure smooth placement.

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