Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

BoabengFiema Monkey Sanctuary: This monkey sanctuary located between two communities Boabeng and Fiema exhibits an interesting co-existence among monkeys and local communities who live in friendly harmony. This is a classic example of African traditional conservation where for several years the people regard these monkeys of about 200 Geoffrey’s Pied Colobus and over 500 Cambell’s Mona Monkeys are sacred and prohibit any harm to them. Sometimes the monkey take advantage of the friendly atmosphere and sneak into people’s kitchen to steal food. During early hours of the morning you can hear them calling out to one another so loudly. These species have become endangered globally and thanks to this conservation intervention, this is the only place in the world these monkeys can be seen so easily. A tour to Boabeng/ Fiema gives you the opportunity to also few wide variety of butterflies as well. There is a 6 room guest house located in a quiet, peaceful and serene environment with food and drinks available and also offers conducive atmosphere for camping for the adventurous ones.

Getting there: You can connect from Techiman through Nkoranza to Boabeng-Fiema using public transport. In a private car go 17km north towards Jema from Nkroanza and turn right at Tankor and do further 5km then you are at the Visitor Information Centre and Guest House.