Bobiri Forest

Bobiri Butterfly Forest
Bobiri Butterfly Forest is an undisturbed rainforest and butterfly sanctuary located on the Accra-Kumasi highway, 30km from Kumasi and 25km from Konongo. The forest canopy with many different tree species creates a cool, quite and serene environment for your pleasure. This is a very little but neat guesthouse with so many beautifully colored butterflies where you can relax and also ask for meals to be cooked for you at very moderate prices. The tour guides tell you folk stories about the community and there is a belief that dwarfs live deep in the forest so it is advised not to walk through the forest on Friday nights. Another interesting place to visit from here is the Lake Bosomtwe.
Getting there: Using a public transport, get trotro from Kumasi to Kubease take an hour walk through the forest to the guesthouse with the sun disappearing above you.