Cape Coast Castle

The Cap- Coast Cattle together with several others dotted along the shores of Ghana is popular for the role played in the infamous Tras-Atlantic Slave Trade that recorded the largest holocaust in the history mankind.The castle was headquarters of the British merchants in West Africa and later became the seat of government for the British colonial administration of the Gold Coast now Ghana until 1877 when it was moved to Accra the current capital of Ghana. Available to see are the dark dungeons where the slaves were kept and the auction halls are of great importance to world history. It has therefore been identified by as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This attracts hundreds of African Americans and other Africans in Diaspora year in year out but has also became the preferred point of call for several international visitors and locals looking out for physical relics of the slave trade among other like the Salaga slave market and the rivers at the northern part of Ghana believed to have served as last bathing places of slaves before their departure from their home-shores.