Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park (Central Region) Kakum National Park is dense tropical forest covering an area of 360km square and approximately 35km north of Cape Coast in the Central Region. Kakum is most famous for its canopy walkway, series of walking trails, the first of its kind in Africa attracting several thousands of both local and international visitors each year. The canopy walkway suspends 27 metres away from the ground and 333 metres in length and suitable for all ages. Kakum is a haven for bird watchers as 250 species are confirmed to be seen.

These birds include but not limited to the crown eagle, blue turaco, bristle-nosed barbet, kingfisher, the golden-backed weaver, and the violet backed flycatcher. The park also has several other animal species such as the forest elephant, royal antelope, variety of duikers bushbuck and monkey but these animals are not so commonly seen, however lucky visitors do get to see some of these animals. At the visitors centre you can learn more about the medicinal value of most of the plants and other uses to which they are put. There are facilities for camping but you will need to book in advance. Kukum is one of the most fascinating national parks in Ghana

Getting there: Best to pick a car from Cape-coast. In your own car you will still have to go through Cape when coming from Accra or Takoradi directions