Amedzofe Mountain Community: The Ameozofe community, the highest settlement community and the whole of West Africa is located on mountain Gemi 2,500 feet above sea level and has a climate of almost like that of a temperate zone different from rest of the country in lieu of the altitude. From Amedzofe you can view most parts of the Volta Region including the vast Lake, the green tropical forest and surrounding towns and villages the Volta during clear skies with the weather very mild and soothing experiencing cool temperatures all day and very cold late night.

A 45 minutes walk from the town through the forest takes you a breathtaking view a waterfall where you can nourish your eyes with exotic flowers, birds and butterflies. Lodging is available at a 6 room Government Guest House and a modern hotel; Abraerica Hospitalities.

Getting there: Using public transport the best way to get there is to pick a shared taxi from Ho, main lorry park to connect to Amedzofe less than an hour’s drive.