Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Crocodile and Culture: (Upper East) Paga is most popular for its harmless crocodiles living in their natural habitat and interacts with visitors and local people alike. You can easily find crocodiles basking at the shores of the lake at Paga or induce them with the sound of Chicken you can buy from the local people and they come to feed from you. The people have the believe that their souls live in the crocodiles hence the harmony between the two. Folk story has it that about 600 years a gentleman named Navey got trapped in a cave and was led out by a crocodile to found this new community. Other attractions which are always available to enjoy are traditional drumming and dance, visits to local artisans engaged in art and crafts and a feel of the locally brewed beer called the pito. For accommodation, you find guest houses and hotels in Navrongo 9km away from Paga, however the Paga Ecotourism Committee has homestay facilities that can be arranged from the Visitor Centre if you wish to immerse yourself more into the cultural life of the people; eating of the local food and drinks, enjoying evening story-telling and drumming.

Getting there: Taxis are available from the main Transport Yard in Bolga behind SSB Bank for hiring or for regular shared taxi.