Sirigu Village: (Upper East) Sirigu is popular in Ghana for its traditional arts and handicrafts. Prominent among them is the wall decorations on the very special traditional architecture unique to the area, mostly done by the women. They also do pottery and basket weaving more as a hobby than economic activity as they depend mainly on agriculture. Income from arts and crafts serves as a supplement for women economic empowerment hence the formation of the association Sirigu Women Organization for Pottery and Art (SWOPA) with the main purpose of preserving these traditions which appear to be threatened by the so called modernization. Sirigu community is a part of the Community-Based Ecotourism project led by the Nature Conservation Research Centre.

A tour in the village can take you to the chief’s palace, sacred groves, and the local market and you can as well arrange to work with the SWOPA artists to learn the art. Available is a Guest House managed by SWOPA where local meals are offered on request with local drinks, minerals and beer.
Getting there: You can pick a Sirigu car from the main lorry at Bolgatanga or hire a taxi from Bolga. In a private vehicle, you drive 18km from Bolga towards Navrongo and turn right at Kandiga junction and drive extra 17km to Sirigu. From Navrongo towards Bolga, drive 12km and turn left at Kandiga Junction.