Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary: (Volta Region) Tafi Atome village south of Hohoe and east of Kpando has a good concentration of mona monkeys nestled in the tropical forest surrounding the village. Like Boabeng-Fiema the monkeys are revered as sacred and not harmed as traditional belief and taboo. However with the coming of Christianity some people started cutting down the sacred forest and killing the monkeys as a way of challenging the fetish beliefs. The situation was however reversed through community based ecotourism project supported by the Nature Conservation Research Centre and its donor partners. Monkeys come to town and freely interact with people. There are several other animals to be seen such squirrels rodents, birds and butterflies while walking through the forest footpaths with diverse plant species along the way.
You also have the opportunity of renting a bike to visit other nearby communities and attractions on a very quiet and well tarred road. You also have the privilege of exploring the village on your own in the evening and enjoy trading drum and dance sessions every evening. All can have all kinds of drinks you want including locally made palmwine and other drinks from the local bars such as beer.

Getting there: In a public transport from Accra or Ho towards Hohoe, get down at Logba Alakpeti, from where you can hire a motorbike or taxi to Tafi Atome 5km from the main road at Logba. In a private car take left at Logba Alakpeti when coming from Ho or Accra direction. From Hohoe take right at the junction just before the main Logba Alakpeti market.