Tano Sacred Grove

Tano Sacred Grove: This is a sacred area with cluster of rocks surrounded by a semi-deciduous forest of variety of plant/tree species birds and butterfly species as well as baboons and antelopes and believed to be the first site of the earliest Bono settlements. It is also said that the first centralized Akan State known as Bono Manso Kingdom emerged from the Tano caves and grove and that the highest of the Akan gods called on earth called Taakora dwells in the grove at the source of the Tano river. The beauty of the natural arrangement of rocks standing on top of each other is so spectacular of the Tano grove. The development of the Tano grove as an ecotourism site by the people of Tanoboase has led to the increase in the population of the fauna. The friendliness of the people of Tanoboase is so stunning, as they are always at hand to take you round the community to visit their homes and local farms to learn more about their culture.

Getting there: The easiest way is to pick a Tanoboase car from Techiman at Tamale station in Techiman. To get to Techiman from Kumasi, you can locate Techiman station near Kejetia.

In a private car, drive to Techiman through Kumasi preferably, while in Techiman continue towards Tamale until you get to the Shell Station then turn right and drive 15km to Tonoboase.