Tongo Hills and Tengzug Shrine

Tongo Hills and Tengzug Shrines: (Upper East) About 5km south of Bolga is Tongo community while Tengzug is the rocky site of captivating rock formations and caves around Tongo that serve as natural shelters and hosts the several shrines that belong to the Talensis. Tongo is admired for its natural geographical beauty and rich traditional history and culture ; currently hosts some of the most celebrated traditional festivals in Ghana, the Boar’ daam which takes place in October and Golob at the end of the dry season. A lot of slave raiding activities took place here during the Trans Atlantic Slave trade. They were one of the last grouping to submit to the British rule during the colonial era when the resistance ended in 1911. The talensis were forced out of the hills but later returned fully in the 1920s with the tenacity which still lives on. The shrines are very popular and individual come from all parts of the world to seek help at the shrines a notable one being ba’ ar Tonna’ ab ya nee widely referred to as Nana Tongo.
Getting there: You can pick public transport from the main lorry park at Bolga that takes you to Tongo market from where you do 4km hike to Tengzug or hire a taxi from Bolga which will take you straight to Tengzug. In a private car. From Tamale on the Tamale-Bolga road, you go past Bolga Customs barrier and go further 8km to Winkogo where you turn right and follow the sign for 12km to Tengzug visitor centre. When coming from Bolga, drive 5km to Winkogo and turn left, then further 12km to Tengzug information centre.