Widnaba, meaning horse chief got its name from the early settlers who referred to the founder as horse chief because his horse gave birth to triplets at the time the founder settled there. Located in the Upper East Region, one can easily view townships of Burkina Faso from Widnaba. The community is popular for its landscape, wildlife, cultural history associated with their gods and the relics of the infamous slave trade. There you can find a hollow baobab tree in which potential slaves were held captive. Much of their tradition is well preserved in terms of practices and architecture. It lies in the Red Volta, migratory corridor for small population of African savannah elephants. A lot of visitors acclaim the locally brewed drink and take delight in eating the local food and sleeping the traditional Kasaasi hut. They also partake in the fun enjoying traditional music and dance and other customary ceremonies. The village is part of the Ghana Eco- and Community Based Tourism Project or Ghana Eco-tourism project. It is also referred to in some context as Ghana Community based eco-tourism Project. As part of the project a beautifully situated visitors centre with decorated walls, local guides trained to take care of visitors and bicycle rental facility. A hiking tour will take you to a market that is a border between Ghana and Burlina Faso. Widnaba represents one of Ghana’s popular cultural attractions.
Getting there. Get to Bolga and find public transport or hired taxi.