Wli Waterfall

Wli Waterfalls: Wli Waterfall located at Wli in the Hohoe District of Volta Region is acclaimed the highest in West Africa, 300 metres in height. About 4km walk from Wli village to the fall offers another attraction as you walk through the open forest crossing the Agumatsa river on wooden footbridges as the river meanders while flowing from the fall. The cool forest offers a thrilling atmosphere of fresh green vegetation including local farms and old coffee trees with butterflies and sounds of birds as you journey towards the falls. The people of Wli have a traditional belief which observes the waterfall as sacred and in the past no hunting was allowed in the nearby forest and women used the water as a cure for barrenness. In these days special rituals are held by the people of Wli to consecrate the Agumatsa fall and a festival is held every last Saturday of October when citizens of the village. return for a week-long celebration thanking God for the fall. During public holidays the site attracts lots of visitors who come on picnics and other forms of entertainment. At the falls you can view bats hanging on the rocky cliffs and rainbow across the fall. Metres away from the fall you can feel the spray of water showering on you. At the foot of the fall is a large plunge pool safe for swimming and visitors take delight in plunging themselves into it and have fun.

Getting there: Hohoe is most easily reach through Hohoe which is about 200km from Accra. Public transport and taxis are always available from Hohoe to Wli. In a private vehicle from Ho or Accra direction, you turn right at the Ve-Golokwati Police Barrier and then use the next left turn which goes through Fodome to Afegame. From Hohoe, you go towards St. Francis Training College use the right turn that goes to Likpe. You get Wli soon after Likpe.