Xavi Bird Watching & Culture. Xavi village located in the Akatsi District of the Volta Region is known for its bird population and diversity as well as the culture of the people which is deeply rooted in their traditional beliefs. Here traditional rites are performed very frequently and taboos are so much respected with the fetish priests wielding much traditional authority. Traditional drumming and dance known as Kinka is a commonly practiced and can be easily observed when visiting. At Xavi and can take a tour to the Lotor river and Avu lagoon in the coastal savanna of beautiful and diverse flora which offers an excellent serene for relaxation and watching birds over 90 species hardly found in others parts of the country. Here you can find the Senegal Parrot, Pigmy Kingfisher, Cinnamon Chested Bee-eater, Yellow-Crowned Bishop, Sunbird and more.

Getting there: To get to Akatsi you pick a shared taxi from Akatsi taxi station. If using a private car, look out for Xavi signboard just before Akatsi main station when coming from Accra direction. Akatsi is about 2 and half hours from Accra. Motorbike are also available from the Akatsi township for hiring.